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Magnum Dog Kennels Butterfly Clamp
Complete Kennel Kit (10' Long x 6' Tall x 10' Wide)

Magnum Galvanized Kennels are superior to chain link kennels. These kennels use heavier tubing and heavy wire mesh panels to create a kennel that not only looks attractive but stands up to abuse from larger animals.

The modular design makes these kennels portable and easy to set up. Butterfly clamps(Includes 2 per panel) are used to fasten kennel panels together. Mesh spacing is 2" x 4". The wire used for the mesh is 6 ga. compared to the 12 ga. wire used on most chain link kennels. A center vertical support in the middle of the panel provides additional strength. Tubing is 18 ga. Kennels are designed with animal safety in mind.
SKU 120K1010
Weight 420.00 lbs