EL2000 Elite Telephone Enty System
The EL2000 will change your expectations of what a telephone entry system should look like. The EL2000 is designed to complement virtually any gated community and is flexible enough to be used in apartment buildings, condo complexes, office parks and commercial sites.

The EL2000 features a 5-inch backlit LCD screen; the unit clearly displays up to 4 lines with 20 characters per line, making it a great choice for multi-tenant installations. The EL2000 is capable of accepting up to 2,000 totally flexible codes. These codes can be programmed as directory codes or access codes, making the EL2000 ideal for virtually any installation. Unlike other systems, the EL2000 may be purchased as a base unit or can be ordered with optional plug-in modules. This allows you to choose only the plug-in modules you need depending on the specifics of the job - enabling you to offer custom solutions right off the shelf without special orders.

Optional modules let you expand the system to fit your specific needs. The Wiegand output module lets you add card readers and/or remote keypads. Our RF module provides convenient access through gates or doors with Passportâ„¢ transmitters. Plus, the system is now designed to automatically detect the addition and location of each new plug-in module, making installation and programming faster and easier than ever before.

Universal board
Remote access diagnostics
E-Z scan
Voice prompts
Enhanced line noise tolerance
Legacy database conversion
Call waiting
Recessed, lighted, ADA-compliant keypad
Auto sensor input
Non-volatile memory
Daylight savings/leap year
Call button
Distinctive ringing
Entry codes
Holiday programming
Time zones
Security lockout
Automatic gate/door unlock schedule
Transaction monitoring
Activity reports
Remote updates
Postal lock provision
1-year warranty

--Complete Installation Guide(Acrobat PDF File)
--Complete Programming Guide(Acrobat PDF File)
--Quick Start Software Guide(Acrobat PDF File)
--Operating Instructions(Acrobat PDF File)
--Camera Installation Guide(Acrobat PDF File)
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