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Wild Game Fencing

Wild Game Fencing
Stay-Tuff, Solidlock (previously known as Tightlock), and Max Loc are the major brand name High Tensile, Class III, Fixed Knot fencing products available on the market today. All are manufactured with the same basic design, quality and specifications. We usually stock one or two of these brands at any given time and refer to all of them as "Fixed Knot" fencing. These brands are often used side by side with no apparant visible differences. Also, check out our 8' tall economy game fence, a more affordable alternative.


330'* X78" GAMEFENCE
SKU: 080GF330
Our price: $324.00

SKU: 080EGF8
Our price: $338.00

FixedKnot 1775-6-330
SKU: 080TL75
75" Tall High Tensile Fixed Knot
Our price: $429.00

FixedKnot 2096-6-330
SKU: 080TL8
8' Tall High Tensile Fixed-Knot
Our price: $409.00